Dear brothers and sisters! 
On the upcoming Sunday, June 7, we celebrate the day of the Holy Trinity-the patronal holiday of our Church!
And after three months of quarantined worship behind closed doors, we are gradually beginning to return to the usual way of Church services life. Of course, everything will happen in stages and with all possible preventive measures and precautions. 
Therefore, on the day of the feast of the Holy Trinity and on the following days of services, the doors of the Church will be open to parishioners. 
However, dear ones, we still have some time to comply with a number of conditions:
  • to continue to stay at home for those who, due to their age and health status, are particularly at risk of infection;
  • stay at home for those who feel at least the slightest signs of illness;
  • stay at home for those who have recently been in contact with sick people, even if it is "an ordinary cold»;
  • during your stay in the Church, keep a sufficient distance from other parishioners, with the exception of your family members;
  • if possible use face masks;
  • do not bring food to the temple, because there will be no communal meals during this time.
At the same time, the temple will continue to be regularly thoroughly cleaned and disinfected all surfaces, as well as strict sanitary safety measures will be observed in the current danger. In the refectory, space will be freed up for the opportunity to pray there at a distance during the service.
Thus, dear ones, the beginning of the first month of summer will be the first stage of returning to normal temple life. And with a successful June experience, we will be able to move on in July, meeting a little more often and again taste the joy of communication and shared meals.
I call everyone to sincerely trust in the Triune God and to a prayerful dialogue with the Savior!
Have a good week and God bless you!
Hieromonk Nikon, rector of the Holy Trinity Church in Mebane.