The evening service on Saturday

Dear friends!
We inform you that we are resuming evening Divine services on Saturdays, on the eve of the Sunday Liturgy.
Please don't forget the face masks!
On Saturday, the evening service begins at 5.00 pm.
On Sunday at 9.30 am - confession, reading of the hours and the divine Liturgy.
We also continue to broadcast Sunday Liturgies on our page on Facebook.
God save us all!


You have to wear a mask in Church

Dear brothers and sisters!
Over the past months, we have talked a lot about the current situation in the world related to the spread of a dangerous virus. They talked about the real need for both sincere trust in the Lord and the extreme importance of taking possible precautions.
Now, by the grace of God, we celebrate the Liturgy in the Church together with the parishioners, but we still urge those who, for a combination of reasons, prefer self-isolation to wisely refrain from going to Church. 
However, people who come to the temple should remember to be attentive to their health and the safety of others. We regularly clean and disinfect the Church, and we also expect prudence from the parishioners, especially during periods of increased virus activity. 
Therefore, everyone who comes to the Church must attend the Divine service in a mask of individual protection and try to keep a distance. 
The only exception to this categorical rule is the members of the choir, who cannot be sung in masks, but who are sufficiently distanced and separated from the main part of the Church.
God's blessing be with you all! Fortress of strength to you, joy in Christ and prudence!
With love in the Lord,
hieromonk Nikon, rector of the Holy Trinity Church in Mebane.