Dear brothers and sisters!
I am sincerely very happy that quite a lot of people find the strength and opportunities to come to the Church, participate in the divine Service and begin the Holy Sacraments, because we live by the Eucharist. And at the same time, I am also glad that some of our parishioners wisely and prudently decide to refrain from going to public places for the time being. 

We hope that the wise Providence of God will soon resolve everything more or less, and this situation will be a wise instruction to us and a reminder of something more. We have been talking about it in time the quarantine months.
And, of course, I am still always happy to receive letters, messages and calls from our parishioners, who, despite the complexity of the situation, are becoming more numerous. People turn to Christ and his Church. But, unfortunately, I just can't physically address everyone personally, start a dialogue, or invite you to the Church. But, of course, my mind and heart contain every word of the dialogue, a request for advice and for prayer from each people - who have long been a parishioner of our Church or are just interested in our Church. So again and again I invite you to contact me without any embarrassment in any way you can, just to talk even for no reason. A priest is always, first of all, a spiritual friend of every person.
I wish you all the true joy of Sunday and the intercession of the Holy glorious and all-praiseworthy first-honor apostles Peter and Paul! These people are amazing lights of the Christian faith. They turned out to be bright opposites of each other: starting from the fact that Paul was a noble and educated citizen of Rome, who left many theological messages and letters, and Peter - the son of a poor fisherman, who won everyone with exceptional love, purity of heart and simplicity of wisdom. Yet they both equally managed to show the evidence of divine Love, joy, peace, and wisdom.
And the example of these two Holy apostles tells us that there is no barrier to happiness in Christ. There is no barrier to the transformation of your soul and the joy of your heart. Regardless of position, class, education, or other factors. There is no barrier to the unity of hearts with our loved ones. The main thing is to turn your heart to God, be guided in your life by the Gospel Truth, and stay in the Church of Christ, listening to its wise instructions, support, and help on the way to the Kingdom of God. Amen.
With love in the Lord, 
hieromonk Nikon, rector of the Holy Trinity Church in Mebane.