Dear ones, by the grace of God, a joyful event awaits our Parish. Bishop Nicholas is coming to us from New York on an archpastoral visit. And Vladyka will arrive with the Kursk Root Miraculous Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos.

On Saturday, September 18, Vladyka will perform an evening service in our church. As usual, at 17.00.

And on September 19 - as usual at 9.30 - Vladyka will celebrate the Sunday Divine Liturgy! After the service, there will be a common festive meal and an opportunity to ask for the holy blessing and communicate with our guest.

Dear ones, we are certainly waiting for you on Sunday, the 19th, for the Liturgy of the episcopal rank. Together, in the unity of our hearts, we will offer a joyful prayer to the Lord, we will partake of the Holy Mysteries, we will pray before the gracious icon of the Most Holy Lady. Let's share the joy of communication and meals!


It's big gladness, especially at this difficult time. Make a note in the calendar. :)

And, of course, if you have the opportunity, we are also waiting for you for the Saturday divine service with Vladyka – in a quiet and trembling evening prayer to prepare for Sunday and the Liturgy.

May God's blessing be with you!

With love in Christ and prayer,

rector hieromonk Nikon


Christ is Risen, dear ones!
By the grace of God, social life, disrupted by the spread of COVID-19, is being restored step by step and gradually we are returning to our usual way of life. However, the danger to human health is still far from over, and we continue to comply with the necessary sanitary safety measures.
As you know, some time ago, the authorities of our state allowed to abandon the use of medical masks for those who are healthy and vaccinated against coronavirus.
In our temple, we adhere to the same way: if you are healthy, do not have symptoms of diseases or infections, and have taken a vaccine, then you can refuse to wear a mask at will. Otherwise, you will need to continue using the mask. And, of course, if you feel unwell, and, moreover, know about your possible illness, please stay at home and take time for your health, which is a gift from God.
Take care of each other. God's blessing be with you all!
With love in the Christ and prayer,
rector hieromonk Nikon